the Seekers of Wisdom

           The Seekers Of Wisdom (SOW) is an unofficial organization (or  group of friends) dedicated to the study of any subject that interests the audience but that no one gets to talk about anywhere. Some of these subjects are: religions, the end of the world, conspiracy theories, prophecies, and any other subject of interest to anyone, anywhere, anytime. These subjects are discussed with no boundaries. No idea should remain unexpressed no matter how much it seems like blasphemy and far from reality.

          However, even though the name of this organization seems ironic, it is the hardest title to keep up with. A seeker is a person who searches not because he has to, but because he wants to and because he finds joy in searching and going deeper. A seeker will go as deep as he could to try and understand as much as he could not because someone ordered him to, but because he will not accept not knowing what can be known. A seeker does not need to be told what to research, he already knows that and knows that any piece of information, no matter how small it may seem, is more valuable than the most valuable material possessions anyone can ever have. Alas, knowledge is not enough, it is far from sufficient, and it is here where the true meaning of wisdom lies. A person who knows a lot of information but keeps it for himself is not a wise person. Wisdom is the result of the knowledge collected and the way how it is used. A wise person is not the one who can adapt to any situation, but one who can manipulate the situation where he finds himself to suit his own views. A wise person is he who can express himself in the best possible way to help every other seeker. Seekers are not lone researchers, they are a whole hierarchy whose primary purpose is to awaken as much people as possible and lead the way to a new generation of wisdom instead of corruption. There is no age restriction for people who want to join the SOW. All that matters is the will to learn and to participate actively in research.

Knowledge is forgotten

Wisdom is forever.

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    On this website, you will find information about the Seekers Of Wisdom: a group of enthusiastic, learned, and curious minds on the road to wisdom. We discuss absolutely everything with no boundaries whatsoever. Whatever you can think about, whether it be philosophy, religion, the paranormal, spirituality, etc, we discuss it with an unlimited open mind. We hope that you enjoy and benefit from your visit. Please, take a look at our wide variety of topics and feel free to drop any comments.