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the legendary continent rising

By Charbel Tadros
Posted March 2004

     According to the Greek philosopher Plato, there used to be a continent in the Atlantic Ocean. This continent was known by the name of Atlantis. He describes that it sank beneath the ocean’s floor never to be found again.

     As Plato describes is his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, more than 9000 years ago (from his time), there was some sort of conflict between the gods so they divided earth between them. Poseidon, the god of the sea, got the continent in the Atlantic Ocean as his part. Poseidon then begat children from a mortal woman and settled them in Atlantis. Plato then describes the beauty of Atlantis and its people.

     In the center of the island there was a mountain in which dwelt one of the earth born primeval men of that country, whose name was Evenor, and he had a wife named Leucippe, and they had an only daughter who was called Cleito. After she reached womanhood and her parents died, Poseidon fell in love with her and had intercourse with her. Then he trapped her in the mountain with alternate rings of land and water around it. He had five pairs of children from her so he divided the continent into ten kingdoms, one for each child. His eldest son was named Atlas so he named the island and the ocean around it after him.

     Atlas’ kingdom was wealthier than any other kingdom in the world and a very prosperous one. There were many special laws affecting the several kings inscribed about the temples of Atlantis, but the most important was the following: They were not to take up arms against one another, and they were all to come to the rescue if any one in any of their cities tried to overthrow the royal house and they were to deliberate in common about war and other matters, giving the supremacy to the descendant of Atlas. And the king was not to have the power of life or death over any of his kinsmen unless he had the assent of the majority of the ten.

     One time, the kings of Atlantis decided to take over the rest of the earth and they started a war against the kingdoms behind the straits of Hercules. Athens was one of the kingdoms to be taken over by Atlantis. As the Atlantean kings started the war, the gods were angry so they decided to punish Atlantis. The ground started to shake violently and the whole continent of Atlantis sank in the Atlantic Ocean forever.


     The legend of Atlantis has interested many people over the ages. One of them was the psychic clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) also known as the sleeping prophet. Cayce used to put himself in a hypnotic trance and then his wife or secretary would ask him questions that he would answer. In the beginning, people came to him for diagnosis for ailments that their doctors could not diagnose. Cayce would be able to not only give a diagnosis, but to give prescriptions for treatments also. Cayce has given over 30,000 diagnoses with quite incredible accuracy. He only used his ability to prescribe for the sick or to give spiritual and vocational advice. He never sought fame or appeared publicly. He did not seek wealth. His economic standing was often quite precarious and never rose above that of modest security.

Later, he started giving predictions. One of these predictions was about Atlantis and he gave it on December 20, 1933. He said: “Poseidia will be amongst the first portions of Atlantis to rise again— expect it ‘68 and ‘69–– not so far away”

     Although some people believe that what Cayce predicted was not true and that nothing from Atlantis has appeared yet, his prophecy did come true and a part of Atlantis did in fact appear near Bimini islands in the Bahamas. It was named the Bimini wall or Bimini road.

     Bimini was nothing more than an obscure island 50 years ago. It was a small, marshy mound only a few feet above sea level about 50 miles from the east Florida coast. If anybody knew about Bimini, it was only fishermen. It was on Labor Day 1968 that the most famous discovery was made—the huge stone formation. It happened when zoologist J. Manson Valentine, in company of Harold Climo, Jacques Mayol and Robert Angove, dived into the 18 foot depths off Paradise Point, Bimini. The beautifully clear weather that day allowed the azure blue waters to highlight darker forms of what appeared to be a manmade construction. Gliding over this darkened form revealed huge polygonal stones, which seemed to have been joined together in the same curious fashion, as the Inca walls of Peru. Even though the stones had pillowed (edges rounded by the currents), the interrelating angles of the joints were obvious. Some stones were massive in length, 3 times that of a man’s height and now laying prostrate but in geometrical position with other stones. An average for many stones was 8 x 10 feet, many of these lying neatly beside each other like rows of troops at inspection.

     Can these structures be really a part of Atlantis? If yes, can it be that Atlantis is rising again? Only time will tell.


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