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Crop Circles

By Charbel Tadros
Posted January 2004

     Dogs barking incessantly from 2 AM to 4 AM, orange balls of light are observed in the skies, strange noises-like the rustling of electricity- are heard and sometimes recorded. The next morning, all cars in the vicinity failed to start. There was also a major power failure. All these effects are noticed the night and the morning before the formation of a crop circle.

Some crop circles. More than 10000 formations exist.

What are crop circles?

     Since more than a decade and a half ago, strange geometrical formations started to appear suddenly in many of the wheat, corn, and other kinds of plantation fields in Britain, at first, then these magnificent formation started also appearing in Holland, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan(in rice fields), Australia, Russia, France, and the Czech Republic. These extraordinary formations range in size between 30 feet and 200000 square feet. The strange thing about crop circles (other than themselves) is that the wheat or corn stems are not broken, but bent six inches from the top of the head (as seen in the picture) which makes it impossible to be manmade. Another weird thing about these phenomena (abnormal phenomenon) is that whenever animals venture into a crop circle, they start vomiting and people who go inside a formation feel nausea and get tired.  

     According to some documentaries, all the crop circles up to 1992 were made by two men called Doug and Dave. Their story appears to have been created by the British ministry of defense.  When this duo was asked about the formations in certain places, they would answer that they didn’t do these. At last, it appeared that they weren’t even sure which ones they made. However, in 1998 one of Doug and Dave who was still alive admitted that they have been guided by an “unknown force”. After the end of this hoaxing problem, the crop circles lost a great deal of their fans and a new hoaxing group called Team Satan/Circlemakers appeared and started making their own crop circles in front of TV audiences. The crop circles made by the formerly mentioned group were fake and the stems were broken unlike the authentic crop circles in which the stems were bent.

Monitoring the formation of crop circles

     The strange thing about crop circles is that they many times appear in front of whoever is waiting for them to appear. In 1990, the making of a crop circle was caught on camera. Some 15 seconds in duration. A copy of this tape was given to BBC and since then both copies disappeared.

     In 1991, an entire field was surrounded with ultra sensitive equipment such as laser alarms, super sensitive microphones, and overhead cameras. In the middle of the night, a light mist descended above the field. The next morning, a crop circle was found in the field as if it materialized from the thin air and none of the sensitive equipment was triggered.

     In 1998, during an interview by the BBC inside a crop circle, a strange sound was heard and recorded. This sound was later analyzed by the NASA. It was measured as 100bpm, at a frequency of 5.2 KHz. The NASA determined that this sound was mechanical in nature and an insect or a bird causing it was out of the question.

The Crabwood formation

     Perhaps one of the most important crop circle formations is the Crabwood formation also called the alien face formation. This formation showed and alien face accompanied by a CD near it. This CD looked like a real CD so some scientists deciphered it with the normal binary codes (0and1) and found a message saying:
Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
COnduit CLOSING [bell sound]

     Until now, no one was able of understanding this message, and also, no one was able to understand why some letters were capital and others were not and what does the word EELRIJUE mean anyway? The picture that this CD was accompanied by (the alien face) was also made in a way so that the message in the CD is the same contained in the image for comparison in case of data corruption.

Update (31/8/2008)

New information reveals that the unexplained word EELRIJUE is actually the word BELIEVE, which makes more sense. and the coded message becomes as follows:

" Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION"


The Crabwood (alien face) formation.

     Until now, no one knows what is the truth behind crop circles, who is making them, and why? Can they be some sort of message from another people probably extraterrestrials or are they the effect of a newly invented device and still in the top secret stage? We are only able to wait until the makers of the crop circles come forward to explain why and how did they do those magnificent crop circles.    


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