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BCharbel Tadros
Posted February 2009

          Since the beginning of time, people have tried to outlive death. So far, there are only legends of people who have been able to do it. The ancient alchemists on their search for the Elixir of life and the new scientists on their journey to the ultimate medicine have still not been able to do anything about it.

          It reaps all kinds of life, from plants to people, from children to elders. Some call it the final enemy, while others call it the dearest friend. To people in their prime, it is the most terrible enemy, but for people in their most desperate moments, it could be their most awaited friend. But still, the vast majority seeks to escape it.

          A very common mistake while talking about life and death is seeing them as opposites. In truth, death isn’t the opposite of life but an integral part of it. Death doesn’t un-create life like water destroys fire. Death is simply the release of the spirit from its old shell: the body.

          A truly wise person will embrace death and await it even in his/her prime. A wise person will know that dying is inescapable, it is the release of the mature spirit from its shell, and without it there can be no spiritual evolution. There is a limit to how much the soul can evolve when it’s in a body, which is like a cocoon. Only when the time is right, the cocoon will tear and the evolved soul will fly out.

          Usually, the reason we fear death is because we have almost no idea what lies beyond it. This fear of the unknown future usually hinders us from accomplishing much in life because “We’re going to die anyway.” However, many people have been able to immortalize themselves through their deeds. As long as a person is still remembered, that person will never know real death for he/she’ll be alive in the minds and hearts of many.

          Why do we fear death when death is when all fear stops?


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