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Ghosts and poltergeists:
the result of the electromagnetic field and the brain

By Charbel Tadros
Posted February 2004

What are ghosts and poltergeists?

     For a long time now, people have seen ghosts. These ghosts were considered as the souls of dead people (or animals in some cases) who did not cross over to heaven or the other place and are still here on earth trying to fulfill some unfinished business such as punishing someone who hurt them or delivering a certain message that they weren’t able to deliver during their lifetime. They are usually undistinguishable in shape and often manifest as a vortex of smoke or a nearly human shape. Ghosts aren’t able to touch or break anything; they can only manifest in a transparent shape and, make scary noises and rarely speak. Poltergeists on the other hand are capable of more than that; they can make stuff fly across a room, they can break glass objects, and they are invisible. They were considered as demons or evil nature spirits.  

What causes ghosts and poltergeists?

     Scientists are trying to explain the ghost and poltergeist phenomenon. They finally thought that they might be the interference of the human brain with an electromagnetic field present in certain areas since more than ninety percent of the houses in which ghosts or poltergeists appear. Not any human present in an electromagnetic field can make a ghost or poltergeist appear, he must be in a very high emotional state such as being extremely angry or disturbed. Normally, adolescents are the cause of ghostly appearances.

Why do ghosts appear in old houses and mansions?

     Old houses and mansions are usually built upon granite mines and granite is often used in their building. Granite is known for its very high electromagnetic properties and since these houses contained granite in their structure and under them, the chances of seeing a ghost are very high. Ghosts and poltergeists can also appear in modern houses that are built under a high voltage power line or if they contain plenty of electrical appliances that emit a high electromagnetic field.

Recent scientific ghost studies:

     During a scientific study, scientists asked some volunteers to spend the night at a house claimed to be haunted. During the night, the volunteers heard some strange noises from the adjoining room. They went there. The lights started to turn on and off in a crazy way and an armchair started moving by itself. The next morning, they recalled seeing a ghost. All of them saw a ghost but each one saw a different ghost; some saw Lord Jesus Christ, others saw Buddha, and others saw their dead aunt.

     In England, at Hampton court palace, a ghost was captured on the security camera. Warder James Faukes said that the ghost was “incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human” State apartment warder Ian Franklin added: "Someone who appears to be in a full cloak walks forward, brings one door in, another door in and then closes it behind him.”

     However, until now, laboratory tests are still unable to prove any ghost appearance scientifically that is by making a ghost appear in a lab. We are still waiting for the real ghost busters to come and solve this mystery.


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