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Good and Evil

By Jerry Scrivener
Posted December 2007

         Without evil how can we know what good is? To live without free will: doesn't that make us slaves? Without a muse to inspire us to become that which only the soul sees: would we still exist? Without reason: would we need truth?

         Yet, for so many, they lose hope in the existence of the Divine. To them, they see a world of famine, plague, hate, and war nothing more. Look deeper though than the surface and tell me what you feel. To be repulsed and angered by those terrible things means that you know on some level what their opposites represent. To know compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, and peace without ever being told about their existence. Close your eyes and reach down into your very deepest core. Open the door beyond ego and tell me how can you not believe in the Divine Spirit? For it is that which gives your soul the radiant love to spark life into your physical being.

         For me...what I have found in living my life is that no one can tell me how to live it without experiencing pain. They want to protect me from getting hurt. For me, I know I must fall down on my face, sometimes multiple times until I finally get it. Everything must always be the hard way, and though there is an easier way I can not accept it. Now multiply that by all humanity. Do you think any of us would listen to an almighty being? Probably not if allowed free will, because we would always have doubt.

         It is always easy to complain and blame another for our pain. So, here is a thought for all of us: God, by whatever name your religion has given Him, has in fact given us free will, and the ability to choose. Yes, of course there are consequences to any choice made whether for good or bad. What I ask is that you wake up and take an honest look at the reflection in the mirror. Then choose to inspire and give hope to all those around you. The rippling effect will be world changing. With each person that does this it reaches out even further into the universe, and with that change comes our soulís growth with enlightenment raising us to a higher plane of existence.

         The Divine Spirit is within us all, and to not tap into that infinite source would be to give in to chaos. Take that first step, no matter how small and make a difference. You will be amazed at how much more returns to you.  


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