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The Hutchison Effect

By Charbel Tadros
Posted January 2004

     You can call it magic, you can call it science, or you can call it whatever you want. Tampering with the powers of the electromagnetic field has many strange effects that are called "The Hutchison effect."

     John Kenneth Hutchison, a Canadian self educated scientist stumbled onto his effect in 1979 when he was studying the longitudinal wavelengths of Nicola Tesla (an electrical and radio waves pioneer). Since he was self educated, as he said, he did not take notes or read machine manuals; he simply worked as an artist would. One day, he crammed in one room in his home in Vancouver a variety of devices that emit strong electromagnetic fields such as Tesla coils, Van de Graff generators, radio frequency transmitters and many others. That's when the effect was born. He turned all of them on at the same time and he was astonished to see that a metal bar that was placed on the ground near him floated in the air for about a second and then fell back to the ground. He tried this effect many other times but it didn't always appear nor did it do the same effect. Sometimes you'll have to wait for days until anything happens.

     The Hutchison effect has many effects such as:
-Levitation of heavy objects such as a cannonball.
-jellification of metals.
-Fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood.
-anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material.
-spontaneous breaking of metals (separating by sliding sideways).
-both temporary or permanent changes in the crystalline structure of metals.

     John Hutchison has given more than 750 demonstrations of his effect to many scientists who didn't believe their eyes until they checked to see if john was using hidden wires or cheating in a way or another but they never found anything. Some of them took pictures, others videotaped the effects.

     At first, when he started giving the demonstrations, he was only able of duplicating the effect once a day. Later, he was able of reproducing the effect at an average of four to five times an hour.

John Hutchison in his lab.    Some of the Hutchison's strange effects.     
     Actually, john Hutchison is helped by the US navy and other American and foreign companies who are still being puzzled by his abnormal effect. However, until now, there is still no logical explanation to this strange and amazing effect. Will any scientist ever discover how to control this effect? And if he does, will the human race use it for good or for evil ends? For now we can only wait and see hoping that it will solve some of the world's great mysteries.


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