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BCharbel Tadros
Posted January 2009

            Life on earth is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries to mankind. How it started is still unknown and widely debated. Where itís going is also another enigma. Even the kind of life or the different forms of life are a huge riddle to scientists and spiritualists alike. No matter what we do or how many tests we may do to study and understand the past of life, it is very unlikely that there will be any agreement. And even if we do get to an answer, in what way will it be useful? All in all, studying and understanding life can mostly be done through experimentation, which is actually living.

            While scientists, and especially atheists, argue that there is no goal for life but pleasure, some religious and spiritual sects claim that the goal of life is to prepare for an afterlife. This has caused a lot of conflict between believers and atheists and even among believers or atheists themselves. Some believers claim that you have to suffer a lot in this life in order to get a pleasurable afterlife while others say that you have to live a moral life of prayer or meditation in order to access the higher realities. As for the atheists, some are reputed to have lived a life full of physical pleasure only, while others have tried to immortalize themselves through their works.

            In the fires of these raging arguments, a new vision started to emerge. This vision claims that the goal of life is actually a mixture of both. It is the seeking of pleasure in addition to living a moral life of service. This new scientific spirituality is based on three principles: moral duty, faith, and evolution.

            Moral duty is actually not based on a specific set of rules. It is based on feelings and wisdom. A moral person should be in control of his/her ego and should also be able to think not just one, but two steps ahead in order to determine the results of his/her choices. A moral person will think of others before him/herself and might even hurt the people he loves and risk ruining a good relationship if that damage he/she does can save that person a lot of problems later. When confronted with a dilemma or a set of different choices, the moral person will think with the heart and the mind, and not just with the mind. The choices of moral people will be based on feelings and intuition. In addition to this, a person will perform his/her moral duty regardless of the results. If a person accomplishes his/her duties but gets negative results, he/she will not give up, but persevere and believe that this result will be shown positive later on.

            People cannot live without faith or belief. Even people, who do not believe that God exist, believe that God doesnít exist. The new scientific spirituality is based mostly on the recent breakthroughs in quantum physics which have shown that our expectations of the world around us are actually what is happening with our universe. Therefore, what we believe becomes what is true for us. This has resulted in what is called the ďrealĒ freedom of belief. The fact that what we believe becomes what is true for us gives us a lot of control over our own lives. Thatís why pessimists keep being pessimists and optimists keep being optimists. Their expectations of life keep showing up. So, it is advisable to choose what you would like to believe in based on your best vision of yourself. If you want to be happy, believe in a happy world. Changing your mind to start thinking in this positive way isnít such an easy task, but it isnít hard either. All you need is a bit of consistency and a training of having faith and taking risks based on faith.

            Then comes evolution. The way spiritual scientists see it is by trying to answer the following question: How come water from a spring, which can be hundreds of years old, can be drunk on the spot (provided itís clean) while bottled water has an expiry date? The difference between spring water and bottle water is the flow. This flow or movement of the water is what keeps it alive and potable. People are like water, when they cease to progress and evolve they become static and, as a consequence, get an expiry date, which means that they die. A dead person is a person who has stopped evolving or who cannot evolve anymore due to physical, social, mental, or other types of defects. These defects are usually caused by a lack in faith and moral duty. If you donít have faith and arenít morally sane, chances are that you already have an expiry date. Spiritual scientists do believe that, if we keep on evolving, we could gain immortality by being able to lift our energies to higher levels.

            In the end, any type of faith will lead to a certain moral duty accompanied with it based on the goal of personal evolution. However, a very important ingredient in the process is compassion. Compassion is a combination of love and wisdom. Itís a sort of care for other people which is not instinctive, but chosen. Whether you decide to believe or not, it will all go back to choice!


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