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Mind over Water

By Charbel Tadros
Posted September 2008

            In 1988, the French immunologist Jacques Beneviste was able to detect a certain kind of “memory” in water. In 1994, the Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto started his experiments on different water samples. His mission was to prove that water can be affected by thoughts, words, and music.

Dr. Emoto collected many water samples from different sources all over the world. He subjected each to different kinds of stimuli (spoken or printed words, music, etc…), and then he froze them and took photos of the crystals. The results he had were astonishing: when positive stimuli were tested on the water, the crystals were magnificent, and when negative stimuli were tested, the photos were ugly. Some photos[1] are shown below: 

"Love and Appreciation"


"You make me Sick, I want to kill you" "Hitler"
"thank you" Water from St. Lourdes (no stimuli)
Fujiwara dam before and after offering a prayer


Kawachi folk dance music  Heavy Metal music

              The practical uses of this discovery are many. Let’s see it this way: Since 60% of our body is made of water, just imagine what our thoughts and words are doing to us. So, the next time you drink a cup of water, drink it happily!

[1] Source: Dr. Masaru Emoto, Messages From Water, Hado publishing, USA, 1999.

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