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By Charbel Tadros
Posted March 2004

     Between 1966 and 1967, a creature known as Mothman haunted the town of Point Pleasant in West Virginia. This creature was described as a cross between a human and a bat (or moth). It was between five and seven feet tall, headless but with two large,
hypnotic, red eyes, and large, bat-like wings.   

      The strange thing about Mothman is that it is apparently harmless although it usually appears some time prior to a catastrophe. It is somehow an alarm or a signal. It started appearing in Point Pleasant a year before the Silver Bridge suddenly collapsed taking with it forty six victims. Forty four bodies were recovered later but two are still lost. The Silver Bridge linked the town of Point Pleasant to the city of Ohio.

     Some people believe that Mothman lives in an abandoned TNT mine near Point Pleasant. This TNT mine was abandoned since World War II due to some tragic accidents and the loss of three lives.

     Roger Scarberry, his wife, and two friends are just some of the great number of people who reported seeing Mothman: “we were driving past a disused wartime explosive factory close to Point Pleasant West Virginia around 11:30 p.m. on November 15, 1966. This strange creature gray in color, with a large pair of folded wings, which stood 6-7 feet (2 meters) tall on two humanlike legs stared at our car and started to shuffle towards it with its blazing red eyes that seemed to peer out from the top of its body because it had no head, or at least no discernible neck. Petrified, we sped away at 100 mph. Later, we saw the same or similar creature on a hillside near the road. It then spread its bat-like wings, rose into the air, and followed the car. (The same creature - or a second one - flew after us, emitting eerie high-pitched squeaks and effortlessly pacing our car without even flapping its huge wings.) Once we neared Point Pleasant, it vanished.”

     Many witnesses who saw Mothman when they were in their cars with the radio on, reported that the radio started to emit the sound that Mothman emits. The same night of the previously mentioned encounter, Newell Partridge, living in West Virginia, was watching television when suddenly the screen blanked out, a "fine herringbone pattern appeared on the tube, and at the same time the set started a loud whining noise, winding up to a high pitch, peaking and breaking off, as if you were on the musical scale and you went as high as you could and came back down and repeated it… It sounded like a generator winding up." Partridge’s dog began howling on the porch, and even continued after he turned the set off. Partridge stepped outside to investigate and shined a light in the direction of the barn about 150 yards away. "It picked up two red circles, or eyes, which looked like bicycle reflectors," but apparently much larger. For some reason this deeply frightened him because he knew they were not animal eyes. Partridge's dog then shot off in the direction of the figure, and he ran inside to get a gun, but decided to not go back outside. He slept that night with his weapon by his side, and his dog had not returned in two days after this incident, and this is when Partridge read a newspaper reporting the incidents in Point Pleasant.

     Is Mothman really an alarm telling us to watch out because a tragedy is going to happen? Or is it just another case of ghostly hauntings or alien encounters? We’ll just have to wait and see where it would be reported next perhaps we could avoid a tragedy. Some people even claim to have seen Mothman before the Tsunami during December, 2004.

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