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Truth about Reincarnation

By Charbel Tadros
Posted January 2008

         One hundred meters below the French-Swiss border, a huge particle accelerator is being built. It goes around in a perfect circle 27 kilometers long. If you were inside the accelerator and looked one way or the other, you’d think that you were in a straight tube, although the tube is circular in shape. Before the discovery that the Earth was round, people used to think that it was flat, because they perceived the Earth as straight and not bent. These two examples are proof that the human perception of things can sometimes be terribly misleading.

         Let’s liken life to the particle accelerator. If a person was to stand somewhere within it, behind him would be his past ending with his birth. In front of him would be his future ending in his death. However, what we fail to see is the area beyond the curve before birth and after death. If we were to get out of the particle accelerator, we would see that both extremities are connected in a never-ending circle: The circle of life.

         Many people disagree with this theory. Some of them believe that after you die, you go to heaven or hell. Others believe that you would simply disappear. However, members of the Buddhist, Hindu, Druze, and other branches of faith believe that, after you die, you are reborn as another person, or even as an animal according to a certain law called the law of Karma.

         The law of Karma states that everything you do will be done unto you sooner or later, in this life or in the next. According to this law, people who are born with abnormalities are merely paying for sins or crimes that they committed in their past lives. A person is subject to this law throughout his lives, which end when he succeeds in living a life free of sin. When he does so, the person will unite with the God.

         However, both the theories of heaven and hell and the law of Karma seem to have flaws. In the law of heaven and hell, it is not logical to many that a person be punished for a mistake eternally. No mistake deserves eternal punishment! This mistake is solved in the law of Karma. However, another mistake appears. What happens after you unite with the God? Do you cease to exist? Recently, Neale Donald Walsch, a self-proclaimed messenger from God, found the solution. In his books “Conversations With God,” Walsch says that life is a never-ending circle of circles. This means that, when you unite with the God, you forget everything and re-experience it all over again. To clarify this point, we should find out what the goal of life is.

         According to Walsch and many other spiritual people, the goal of life is happiness. God created us to be happy. However, happiness cannot exist unless its opposite exists: sorrow. You cannot experience happiness unless you experience sorrow. Just like hot and cold. If you don’t know what hot is, how can you define cold?

         Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, there’s one thing you could really benefit from in this article. Sorrow is but another form of happiness. Be happy that you experience pain because only then will you appreciate the true meaning of happiness and be grateful for this wonderful, divine gift called life. Saints asked for pain and sorrow and were happy carrying it.

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