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War of Weakness

BCharbel Tadros
Posted February 2009

      It is widely known that there are never any winners in a war. In a conflict, everyone loses people, possessions, homes, and a lot more. War can also affect people on many levels ranging from the physical to the psychological and even the spiritual. However, supporting the victims in an aggression always seems to increase this aggression instead of the intended effect of stopping it.

      In order to find solutions or prevent a war, we must first understand what a war really is and who starts a war. A people which is strong and secure doesnít need to cause a war. Take the Nazis for example. These people werenít greedy as people claim, they were insecure. They didnít know their place in the world and wanted to secure a place for themselves. If they werenít limited in the beginning to start with, they wouldnít have expanded their domination projects that much.

      Possessing weapons isnít a sign of strength, but of weakness. Physical strength can never account for the absence of safety. Opposing a war and supporting the victims only will not stop a war, it will keep increasing it. The aggressor will find that everyone is opposing him and will not step back in fear of losing what he already has. To stop a war, we must understand the aggressor.

      Conflict is caused by a basic animal instinct or emotion: fear. Weíve heard the saying many times that the animals that attack you are more afraid of you than you are afraid of them. Itís the same with people: the people who attack you are the people who fear you more than you fear them. What makes these people afraid is insecurity. When there is no sense of belonging, any person will feel lost. This feeling of loss will eventually cause fear and weaken the person. Itís the same thing for nation. A nation which is internally unsafe is a weak nation which will always cause conflict to preserve its existence.

      The solution for this problem is easy: make people feel safe and give them a sense of belonging. Make them feel that no oneís after their land. Only if both people, the aggressor and the victim, feel secure, will they seek to find solutions which will lead to mutual benefit and even cooperation.

      Now that we know who the weak person in a war really is, we can start to find some real solutions without getting involved in condemning or opposing a nation.


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