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Om Namah Shivaya

I thank You my God for making me who I am and for giving me more than I need.

Dear God, on my road to wisdom, I know that Iíll always have You by my side, enlightening my mind with every word I read. I appreciate that.

On my path to the depth of spirituality, I thank You my beloved friend for being the light and for showing me how to separate the useful from the useless.

On my way to evolution, I thank You, my close brother, for filling me with Your divine energy and raising my spirit up to You.

On my route to peace, I thank You, my faithful companion for giving me inner peace and for showing me that the only evil is ignorance and the only solution is wisdom.

On my journey to love, I thank You, my compassionate teacher for showing me that it is possible to love selflessly through Your endless love to me.

All I ask of You, my loving Lord, is that Your will be done through me and that I play my role in Your divine plan to bring Your kingdom to earth.


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War of Weakness
It is widely known that there are never any winners in a war. In a conflict, everyone loses people, possessions, homes, and a lot more. War can also affect people on many levels ranging from the physical to the psychological and even the spiritual...
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Since the beginning of time, people have tried to outlive death. So far, there are only legends of people who have been able to do it. The ancient alchemists on their search for the Elixir of life and the new scientists on their journey to the ultimate medicine have still not been able to do anything about it... (Read More)


Peace in Action
(...) Peace isnít just an act, but a whole non-violent way of living (...) It is only when someoneís crushed that he can be free, strong, and peaceful (...) Being violent is a pure sign of weakness... (Read More)

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